Why not call your faithful Victoria handyman to assist you with your move?

Are you moving soon?

What a hassle, right? They say moving is the most stressful thing you can do, after divorce or the death of a loved one. That sounds petty stressful. 

Have you watched the recent Marketplace show about scammer moving companies? They come in, tell you a price that you think is honest, and it’s low enough that you go with them. Then they show up on the day of the move and tell you there’s an extra fee for every item they have to bring down the stairs, and another fee for everything they have to lift that weighs more than 50 pounds, and you agree because what are you going to do? And they want money up front. You’re moving out today, and how are you going to find someone else now?

So, after you pay, they load your treasured belongings into the truck and off to your new place they go. And notice the front stairs. Well, there’s an extra fee again for taking items up the stairs, and extra again for anything over 50 pounds. And they won’t take it out of the truck until you pay them up front. 

That quote for $2000 quickly inflates to $5000, and what are you going to do? Say no? Away they go, then. Anything already in the truck gets dumped on the lawn. You're on your own now to sort it out yourself. Good luck with that.

From the pub song in Les Miserables -

Charge them for the lice

Extra for the mice

Two per cent for looking in the mirror twice

Here a little slice

There a litlle cut

Three per cent for sleeping with the window shut

When it comes to fixing prices

There are lots of tricks to know

How it all increases

All them bits and pieces,

Jesus, it's amazing how it grows!

With us you get a quote after we evaluate what you have to move, after we examine where you’re moving out of, and after we examine where it’s all going. No surprises. We give you an all-inclusive quote, including taxes and travel, and we stand by our quote. 

Sadly, we’ve had to initiate a fee for producing the quote for you. That’s because we’ve been stood up by customers who’ve used us for quotes, then gone with someone cheaper (which of course, becomes more expensive in the end). So we charge for the quote, then credit that amount from the job upon completion. In a roundabout way, the quote does become free. We hope you understand. One day our faith in humanity will be restored and we’ll reverse this policy. 

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