Dryer Vent Cleaning


Is your dryer taking longer to dry clothes than it used to? Call your faithful Victoria handyman to make it right.

There’s probably nothing at all wrong with your dryer. The most likely issue is that the vent hose is filling up with lint.

Some of it always gets past the filter, even if you clean it regularly. Over time it builds up and it can completely block the vent. This is a fire hazard. A sure sign is fluff poking out of the outside vent like in the picture above (okay, that’s pretty extreme, but even a little fluff showing indicates an impending fire hazard). 

And an inefficient dryer can cost you money, tacking on as much as $20 a month to your electricity bill. 

And those flexible plastic hoses behind your dryer? They need to be replaced if they fill up. The plastic doesn’t last forever.  And if you have them in the attic you really need to have them brought up to code with metal vent tubing. 

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