What’s Good Enough?


Do you want that cabinet built 110%, like it’s going to reside in the Vatican? Your faithful Victoria handyman can do that.

Or do you just want a hanging box to hold a few tools in your garage?  

Not everything has to be gilded or strong enough to withstand the next nuclear war. 

If you want excellent, we can deliver, that’s our specialty. But if you want a “good enough” acceptable job done at lower cost, we can do that, too. 

Likewise, if you want a “bandaid" job that maintains function while perhaps not looking quite up to snuff for the Queen’s inspection, that’s okay. We can help you out there and save you some money. 

If you manage a rental property that is subject to *cough* a bit more wear and tear than you’d experience at your own home, a bandaid job might be just the thing. 

Maybe two coats of mud on your drywall is good enough for you. Most people want three. Perfectionists want four. 

It’s no different than buying running shoes. Spend $20. Spend $200. Who are we to judge? Whatever works for you.

You get to decide what level of repair or maintenance you want.  Bandaid, Good Enough, or Ideal.  You’re the boss.

We don’t compromise on safety, though. That’s non-negotiable.

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