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We provide our clients in Victoria with the best handyman services available. 

We keep it simple    -    You need it fixed.  We fix it.

We know you need a handyman. Your faithful handyman is skilled in renovations, moving, toilet repair or replacement, painting, drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal, electrical, replacing light switches and outlets, ceiling fans, plumbing leaks, replacing taps, smoke alarms, IKEA assembly, furnace filters, hanging TVs, fuse or breaker replacement, grouting, picture and mirror hanging, winterizing, instant sod lawns, gardening, hedge trimming, pruning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just fix it myself? -  Of course! That’s why most people call us (or their wives do). But it’s almost always less expensive to just let us fix it for you right, right from the start, and it certainly saves you a lot of time. 

Can’t I hire someone cheaper? - Of course. That’s why lots of people call us. We get numerous requests to repair damage caused by others.

Do you have WCB coverage? - Of course! Never hire anyone who doesn’t. If they get hurt while on your property, you’re legally liable.

Do you do small jobs? - Absolutely! Most of our work is what would be thought of as a small job, taking only an hour or two. Plumbers will not come to fix your leaky garburator. Carpenters will not come to install a shelf. Electricians will not come to change your light switches. Tradespeople are busy building buildings. They have no time at all for your small jobs. This where your faithful handyman comes in. Have a look at our Blog pages.

Do you do larger renovation jobs? - Of course! These days we leave house additions to the trades. However, if you need a room in your unfinished basement for an office or bedroom, we can do that for you. 

Do you guarantee your work? - If for some reason we are unable to successfully make your repairs, there is no charge.

How can I contact you? - Email only. Sorry, but fielding phone calls while upside-down under someone’s sink is impossible. Also, it’s nice to get exactly what you want without any misunderstanding. And with email you can also send pictures of your project. That saves you money for a house call just to assess the situation, and we love to save you money.

Absolution Handyman Services  -  serving  Downtown Victoria, James Bay, Fairfield, Oak Bay, and Uplands

*Pricing Policy:  We strive to keep our value the best in the industry. Our quotes are all-inclusive (no surprises with taxes or travel time additions later on).

*Payment Policy:  We only take payments through  ETransfer methods through any Canadian bank or credit union via email. If you’ve never done it before it’s really easy and incredibly secure and can be done right from the comfort of your computer or phone.

*Privacy Policy:  We do not share anything about anyone. Period.

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