Handyman Services - WHAT DO WE DO?


Our most popular handyman tasks – Popcorn Ceiling removal, replacing Supply Lines to toilets and washing machines, wall-mounting big screen TVs, painting, drywall repair, replacing locking doorknobs, changing furnace filters, cleaning dryer vents, assembling IKEA furniture,  gutter cleaning, and repairing and replacing kitchen garburators.

Woodworking tasks –  Re-Hanging or replacing Doors.  Installing new locks, handles, or hinges. Repairing or replacing baseboards. Repairing or replacing window and door surrounds. Fitting shelving. Assembling flat packed furniture (IKEA). Upgrading or renewing kitchen cabinets. Framing stud walls. 

Electrical tasks –  Upgrading switches and outlets. Replacing fuses and circuit breakers. Upgrading light fixtures and ceiling fans. Installing and maintaining smoke alarms

Heat pumps - installing mini-split heat pump air conditioners. 

Decorating –  Kitchen or bathroom backsplash tiles. Smoothing textured walls and ceilings. Painting. Repairing holes and cracks. Hanging pictures and mirrors. Hanging TVs

Painting - Ceilings and wall cornices and mouldings. Woodwork such as doors, door frames, skirting boards, etc.  Metalwork such as railings and gates, guttering, etc  Exterior walls. Staining and varnishing woodwork.

Tiling - Repairing or replacing tiles. Re-grouting and sealing baths and showers. Re-tiling walls and floors.

Plumbing –  Fixing leaks. Repairing taps. Fitting new taps. Repairing or replacing toilets. Upgrading pipework. Installing washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. Replacing supply lines to toilets and washing machines (must be done every 10 years). 

Gardening Services –  Moving or removing small trees and bushes. Removing paths, patios, and paving stones. Removing sheds, fences, or anything really. Repairing decking and fences. Laying lawns. Repairing and laying paving stones and patios. Staining fences and decking. General garden maintenance such as grass cutting and hedge trimming.  

General Household Tasks –  Hanging curtains and blinds. Installing shower screens and curtains. Replacing door numbers and mailboxes. Installing retractable washing lines. Installing outside taps and hoses. Gutter cleaning. Removing or rearranging furniture. Lifting old flooring such as carpets and tiles. Changing furnace filters. Cleaning dryer vents.

Miscellaneous - Clearing Property.  Cleaning inside or outside of house. Power-washing decks and sidewalks.

Preparing houses for sale (all those endless tweaks and touch-ups to make the place presentable). 

Moving from one suite to another within the same building (apartment or residential care home).

Moving from one residence to another within Victoria. 

Going on holidays?  We will check your house as often as you like so your home insurance won’t void (usually after 14 days, but plans do vary so check your policy). We will also winterize your home so pipes won’t freeze and burst, and we will also prepare your home for your return. 

Something different? Just ask. We can probably do it. 

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